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Why Choose Generations Christian?

Our goal is for our students to feel safe, protected and have a wonderful experience in their school. When we see the children smiling, hugging, laughing and studying diligently, we’re so grateful for God’s guidance and provision for our school.

Parent Testimonials

We would love for you to journey with us, and hope that your experience with Generations Christian is as rewarding and memorable as our current families. 


Education & Faith
We are blessed to have both of our girls attend Generations. The education and care our girls have received has far surpassed our expectations. Our oldest daughter, who attends Generations Christian Academy, looks forward to attending school and breezes through her nightly reading and spelling exercises and is proud of her report cards. The way she speaks about faith and Jesus makes my heart sing. Our youngest daughter, who attends Generations Learning Center, is not even two years old and is counting to 10 and singing her ABC’s. Generations is everything we had prayed for and more!

Safe, Loved, Protected

Our son has improved and matured leaps and bounds since starting kindergarten at GCA. The faculty and staff have wrapped him in their loving arms, prayed for him and our family, and encouraged him to focus on God in a safe, loving and protected environment. Our experience at Generations Christian has been more than we could have ever imagined. We wouldn’t have wanted our son to start his school career anywhere else. We thank God every day for GCA.

Happy Mom

GCA is a wonderful environment for our daughter to grow and learn. I’ve seen her change so much…her curiosity has been expanded, she’s made precious friends and enjoyed fantastic learning experiences throughout the year. As a mom, this makes me feel so good about choosing Generations Christian Academy for her education.

Children Thriving

Our children have thrived at Generations! We appreciate the biblical values taught, the friendly atmosphere, the small teacher-to-student ratio, the Christian learning environment and how the staff and faculty make us feel like family.

Community, Values & Education

We are thrilled with the community, values, and education. We are committed to remain for the duration of our daughter’s school career.

Christian Worldview & Values

GCA has provided an environment for our daughter to learn educational fundamentals with a Christian worldview. Seeing the world through God’s eyes frames everything through a lens unique to the rest of the world…and that is invaluable. We so appreciate the work that Generations Christian is doing to reinforce Christian values in students.

Godly Environment

We are thankful our child is taught in a godly environment surrounded by teachers who believe in her potential.

Thankful for Change from Public to GCA

Our son had previously attended public schools but with COVID and worldliness creeping in, we knew we had to make a change. When searching for a school for our son, we looked for a Christian environment free from world corruption; a school that intertwines Christian principles in all aspects of learning; godly staff and faculty who provide a caring, loving environment; and a place where our son can learn the Bible and God’s plan for his life. We were thrilled to find Generations Christian Academy and pleased to report that our son has thrived. We are so excited about the years ahead.

Faith-based, Smaller Environment

We wanted a faith-based, smaller class size environment. Our daughter thrives on structure and needs a bit more one-on-one attention at times. She comes home talking about the Bible stories she has learned about in class and in chapel. Our experience with GCA has met and exceeded our expectations.

Love the Faculty and Staff

Our son has grown so much this year, academically and emotionally. He’s happier, more respectful, and so excited to attend school. We can’t imagine a better environment for him to grow as a student and a person. Also, we love the teachers and support staff!