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Growth and maturity are lifelong pursuits! At GCA, our Middle School and High School students take strides to become more responsible and thoughtful about their destiny and career choice for their future.

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Generations Christian Academy is the first choice of many parents in the Williamson Co area because of the focus on a great education coupled with a Christian faith-filled world view.

We have a very accomplished and loving staff that is well-trained to help your middle school and high school student succeed.

We focus on building their grammar, reading and writing skills as well as teaching them more understanding in science, math and social studies.

We integrate the subjects into real life experiences so they can better understand their world and the types of marketplace careers to match up with their personal destinies!

Class sizes are approximately at a 1 to 10 ratio for more personal instruction time. Core subjects as well as electives are offered so the student can determine many avenues for their next steps in life.

GCA students also have access to special electives like Nutrition, PE, Music, Art, Spanish, well as competitive athletic programs within the TSIAA league for private schools.

Now taking applications for 6th- 10th grade.

Generations Christian Academy

408 Church St Franklin, TN 37064

Office: (615) 567-3355

Fax: (615) 599-1560